Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mediation and Mediators

Litigation is time consuming and EXPENSIVE.  You may be right, but can you afford the fight?

New Hampshire is very active in encouraging litigants to try mediation. 

Mediation can be attempted both before or during a law suit to determine if you and your adversary can resolve your differences in some way.  Even the Supreme Court has a mediation program showing it is never too late to try and mediate the differences between the parties, if possible.

Click here for the mediation programs at all levels in the New Hampshire State Court System:

Click here for information on mediation in the New Hampshire Federal Court:

If you are looking for a trained mediator or training in mediation, you can start here as a good source:

New Hampshire, where I practice, provides FREE mediation as well as paid mediators - your choice. 

Lesson learned:  It is never too late to try and resolve the dispute between the parties.

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