Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home owners looking for help in loan modification or mortgage modification: Use the Internet/Don't use the Internet!

OK, what does that mean - "Use the internet, don't use the internet?"

Use the internet as a tool to help you find solutions, but use your own good judgment as the final decision maker. 

If you are looking for professional services, use the internet to help locate professionals, shop and compare.  Look at their web sites, look at their qualifications.  And most importantly, try and select someone who has their business in your home state - that way you can actually meet them.  And, that way you can check with your own state regulatory agencies to see if they are legitimate before you pay them a dime for services. 

For example, in the State of New Hampshire, where I practice, you can contact the Department of Banking to determine if someone who is offering loan modifications is licensed and if there are any complaints against them. 

Here's the web site for the NH Department of Banking: 
And, here is their web page for help lines to homeowners in distress: 

Also, the NH Department of Banking can point you to FREE help through HUD certified counselors to determine if you qualify for a loan modification.

Here's a web site that helps you locate information on a mortgage company or individual in the mortgage business:

Too many clients or potential clients have called me with complaints that they have spent thousands of dollars to pay a loan modification company they found on the internet, that was located in another state, to help them lower their home mortgage payments - only to find out that the loan modification company or person did nothing to help them.

Lesson learned: Use your own state resources to find help before you spend a dime.

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