Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arm yourself with real knowledge!

Many people chat with their friends and neighbors to learn of different ways to handle their legal matters.  They also resort to the internet. Those are both good starting points - but remember, your financial situation or your legal situation is unique and certain things in your situation may be different from others.  So, before you make a decision on legal matters, speak with an attorney in your own county or state who is familiar with the legal area that you need to address.  If you cannot find an attorney, contact your state bar association and ask them what resources they have for legal referrals.

In NH, where I practice, the state bar has a legal referral service which will provide you the names of three attorneys in the practice area where you need help. Click here: NHBA - Lawyer Referral Service
This allows you the opportunity to interview a few legal practitioners to not only get a sense of what you need (many provide a free consultation on the first visit - ask if the lawyer will give a a free legal consultation) but also to give you a sense of what is the best "fit" for you and your lawyer.  The "fit" is important, particularly if the litigation is going to be prolonged.  You need to work with someone in whom you can place trust and confidence. If you have not found that - keep looking!

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